Brussels' Morning Market

The proposal for the new morning market seeks to take advantage of the link to the canal by installing docks to reduce the inflow of goods by road. The Mabru building is maintained but the CEFL is relocated on the side of the canal in connection with the unloading docks. The freed-up space allows for the neighborhood's needs , such as the need for green spaces, to be met. This specific issue is solved by linking it to food production in the city through the proposal of an agro-forestry park. The program also includes restaurants and supermarkets for the consumption of local products. The establishment of ZEMU in the Brussels Capital Region and more precisely around the canal allows the region’s housing needs to be met. It is for this reason that the Foodhub proposes to link the productive city to housing. The towers above the new CEFL are equipped with offices and other functions on the first two floors to act as buffer spaces between the dwellings and the productive area. The connection to the Canal is also a landscape opportunity. The project also includes cycle and pedestrian lanes in connection with the canal water and with the stored rainwater in open air ponds.